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Ambrosia Health Clinic is situated in Army Bay at the end of the Whangaparaoa peninsula but still within Auckland area. This is a relaxed and friendly area surrounded by beautiful beaches and parks, and away frotm the hustle and bustle of the city, with lots of native birds including tuis and wood pigeons.

With everyone having such busy days and the emphasis is often on working rather than nurturing the body and mind, which creates imbalance, along with toxins in the environment in sprays, plastics, packaged foods, and body products, it can be detrimental to our health. This is a field that a naturopath is practiced in and recognising the symptoms and eliminating the areas/foods/items that are compounding issues in the body and causing inflammation, pain, digestive issues, infertility, auto immune diseases, and a multitude of other problems.

Come and see me for a consultation and embark on a journey towards taking control of your health.

Herbal remedies

What Happens in a Consultation

Prior to your consultation, you are sent a form to fill out. This is confidential, and includes family and your health, medications and supplements you may be taking, symptoms you are experiencing, a food and drink diary to be filled out for 3 days, and a corresponding elimination chart of what comes out of your body. It gives a wealth of information about you and needs to be returned 3-4 days prior to your consultation.

A naturopathic consultation is totally confidential, and I only work at the pace you are comfortable at. It takes around 1-1.5 hours, and includes many questions, as well as possibly physical examinations (which may include taking pulse, blood pressure, listening to your lungs, digestive system or heart, and taking photos of your irises).

After your appointment I format a specific treatment plan for you which includes dietary advice, meal ideas, some recipes if required, possible blood tests or any other tests needed, any supplements required (the price of tests and supplements is not included in consultation) – always tailored to suit your pace and your budget. There will be follow up appointments to check progress.

About Nicola

I started in the natural health field in my late 20’s after many years of ill health, and it’s been a long journey through an enormous range of health problems operations, accidents, until seeking out alternative health professionals such as reiki healers, homeopaths, naturopaths and medical herbalists to get answers to my weird symptoms and get some help.

I started learning different modalities on the way, continuing until I had my Diploma of Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine. So there’s a lot of health symptoms and issues that I have experienced, and am therefore extremely empathetic and sensitive to other’s health issues.

Nicola Rayner
Registered Naturopath and Registered Herbalist



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